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There are many reasons which motivate a business to engage a consultant…


  • Specialist Expertise : a business does not have the required skills in house and needs the expert services of a consultant when considering new technologies
  • Urgency : a consultant can respond rapidly to a specific problem because he is motivated and often already has greater knowledge gained through experience elsewhere
  • Objectivity : Because we are independent we are impartial when it comes to difficult situations which could involve internal conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality : sometimesthe business needs to carry out a study or audit. A consultant can be very useful in these circumstances.
  • Credibility : a consultant may be asked to present an impartial report to a director as part of the decision-making process
  • Workload : often, the business doesn’t have enough people available to realise a study or internal project


What we can bring to you:


  • an objective view of the company’s situation
  • benefit from diverse experiences (new approaches …)
  • avoid difficulties to deal with issues deemed « sensitive » (reorganizations, etc.)
  • create a dynamic where internal resources of the company may not want or be able to mobilize enough (hierarchy of problems, sympathy, membership, etc.)
  • provide technical expertise and experience not controlled internally



More than twenty years in business, lets us help you profit from our experience



Small computer concerns?

An individual or Small Business, we can help you!


Place of Work and Home Visit Support :


  • computer Repairs
  • server, PC and Mac installations
  • virus cleaning and PC/Mac maintenance
  • ADSL Modem/Router installation, Wifi & VPN connections
  • network connections and Mail Server set-ups & fix
  • data Recovery


Contract or On-Demand, one number to remember

+32 (0)476/ 95 36 92


Remote Support :



Download our TeamViewer remote support tool, to help us provide you with the best rapid remote support:


Our Microsoft specialisation can help you optimise your resource and save time.

Using your existing IT resource you will be able to:

  • Secure and centralise your data thanks to Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Work from home (VPN)
  • Share your work with colleagues
  • Have no more fear of virus or spam
  • Always have a backup in case of a crash, and without having to think about it
  • Have wireless access at home (wifi)
  • Access your surveillance cameras from wherever you want
  • Make telephone calls for almost no cost (VoIP)
  • Become more productive

hp-logo logo-Exchange-Color Windows_logo-7 Synology

« Cloud Computing » is an access via the Internet to shared computing resources.


Enjoy the many benefits!


  • Access your data across multiple platforms, PC, Mac, Tablets and SmartPhones.
  • Increase productivity thanks to the synchronization of your data.
  • No need to clean your inbox on each laptop, everything is synchronized.
  • Synchronized calendar and accessible from any PC.
  • Centralized, backup and data protection.
  • Sharing and simplified work community.


Here is our added value :


  • we can assist you in choosing your supplier.
  • configuration and use of iCloud, Office 365, Google App Engine.
  • sharing and synchronizing calendars and mailboxes via Exchange.
  • PC configuration, Mac and SmartPhones (Apple, Android, Windows).
  • synchronization of your data via a Private Cloud Synology (doctors, lawyers).
  • access to your photo stream and visualization via AirPlay or DLNA.
  • centralize your libraries Video and Audio via Synology.



google-apps office365 Synology

Have everything to the eye … 

Monitor all what you hold , your family, your properties or your business.


How can we help you ?


It’s very simple , we can guide you in choosing the right equipment.

We have worked for several years with such brands as Axis, Monacor and Synology.

We can help you to find the right camera and recording system regarding your needs.

We Connect it and install it.

We configure them according to your desire (Custom).


What are the benefits :


  • Possibility to work in analog or digital (IP) depending on the budget
  • Calculation of the required disk space
  • Optimal monitoring of your assets
  • Real time visualization via Monitor
  • Continuous Recording or Motion Detection
  • Remote access via PC, Tablet or Smart Phone
  • Event search and record via software



Synology axis

Our business is organized around two main axes:
Design and Technology.


The design aims to represent concretely , a thought, a concept or intention , taking into account functional constraints , structural , aesthetic , technical and productive.


The technology covers all manufacturing processes, maintenance and management, it is one of the major components of expertise.


To better meet the needs of our customers we have developed our own solutions:


  • Simple CMS or system to have a website and a PDF book to date.
  • Server for producing a flash catalog from your PDF.
  • Several associations use our members/event management system.
  • Automating the transfer of the cash data of a store to its website with the possibility to generate a PDF catalog.
  • Management sending a newsletter Email coupled sending an SMS.
  • Implementation of competition to drive traffic to a website.



2000px-WordPress_logo.svg Joomla_Logo_Horz_Color_Slogan virtuemart

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Phone & Fax: +32 (0)2 688 40 12

GSM: +32 (0) 476 95 36 92


Electronic Informatic Hardware Specialist



apteApte Technics

Network, telephony and coax cabling




Specialist Nas solution


Aspria Club

Consultancy, PC Support and Server Migration, Install Internet Area.
Routing table and IP VPN Connection…




Consultancy, Server Install, network support.
Terminal Server Install, VPN & Firewall…



Häagen-Dazs Galerie de la Reine

Windows SBS Install, VPN and RDP access, Support and maintenance.
Install and support of new computers…




Network Configuration & Wifi, ICT Consultancy, VOIP.
Laptop rescue and support…




PC support, NAT Firewall Configuration, Remote Access.
Printer Config and Wireless optimization…




Windows Server & clients install and support.
Access Point Configuration WDS…



Royal La Rasante

Windows Servers install, Thin Clients & Terminal Server.
IP VPN three sites-remote routing table…



Cotubex Informatics

Consultancy, Hardware Purchase and Team management.
Customers Technical support and services…